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Phone: 880-9612101010



Phone: 880-9612101010


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Payment Methods

EyHost accepts payments from you in the following different ways -

Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex)

For every VISA / Master Card / Amex Payment our system will deduct:

VISA & MasterCard through SSL COMMERZ : 2.8%
Amex Card , VISA & MasterCard payments will be charged: 3.8% through SSL COMMERZ AMEX

VISA & MasterCard through 2checkout : 3.9% + 0.45

Charge will be displayed as EYHOST


For payments through PayPal, our system will deduct a fee of 30 cents plus 1.9% - 2.9% (depending on your issuing bank) per transaction. The charge appearing on your Credit Card Statement would display "PAYPAL *PAYMENTPROC" or "PAYPAL *PAYMENTPROCESSINGIN"

If you have an "Unverified PayPal A/c", the funds will only be credited to your account after our Billing Team has contacted you to verify your A/c details. You can expedite the process, by creating a Support Request within the "Billing: Funds Remittance" category at with the following details:

  • Reseller Username
  • Name
  • Date of Payment
  • Transaction Description
  • Amount


  • All transactions for Adding Funds to your Advance Account via PayPal will be credited to your account, after deducting the PayPal Transaction Fees at actual.
Add Funds Offline
The Billing Team is only available between 9:30am to 6 pm GMT +6, Saturday - Thursday. If you have transferred funds to our Bank Account after 6 pm (Sunday -Thursday), we will be able to respond to you only on our next business day. You can reach out to us by raising a Billing Ticket via Support Center

We have various other offline payment options that you can use to send us money. Simply select your country in the drop-down below to find out how you can send us funds through wire transfers or direct deposits.

Note: Please select your Country from the list above

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